January (mini) Beauty haul (and a mini weekend recap)!

First things first, Are we really in February? Weren’t we all just celebrating the new year? Slow down 2015 …

Anyway, while my weekend was fabulous, I don’t have many pictures of the weekend and so I don’t have a major weekend recap this week. I could literally recap it in one paragraph … On Friday night I went out with an old friend for some a drink. Technically for some eats and some drinks. We hit up a place called Trotters, and I for the most part stuck to my new healthy regime. I had sweet potato fries and wings. Not too bad. I did have two drinks though. Vodka soda for the win!! After that we hit up an art and fashion show. On Saturday, I did work. Meh. It’s Carnival season in my country so Sunday, I went to pan semi-finals. No pictures of that either. See? One paragraph.

So instead of the typical weekend recap, I decided to share a mini beauty haul. It’s mini because I’m working on a budget and trying to save some money for some travels I have in mind (Hello Peru, Australia, Disney). Anyway, there were some items that I needed to replace STAT and I thought I’d share and I plan to share monthly since I do haul a bunch of ish every month. 

1. Vaseline intensive care coca radiant – I love this lotion and swear by it. You want nice healthy smooth skin? Try this lotion. I use it everytime I shower, that’s twice a day on most days, so I go through it quickly!! I get compliments on my smooth skin a lot so trust me, this works!

2. Olay facial wipes – I have tried other wipes and like them, but being the creature of habit that I am, I stick to the one I first loved. I use this to take off my makeup after work, before I hit the gym/run because I only shower and do some semblance of a facial routine after that.

3. Jordana eye pencil (black) – Obsessed. I wear black eyeline everyday. I look like I’ve been crying without it! I swear by this cheapo eyeliner for my lower waterline! 

4. L’oreale magic skin beautifier BB cream – Never used this in my life! But I saw it on YouTube and decided to try it. I have dark skin so I bought it in “dark” and it is too dark for my skin tone … while I will try to use less of it (because the coverage is amazing) I might just have to get the shade immediately before this one. 

5. Sally Hansen nail polish remover – Honestly I cannot justify why I buy this more expensive nail polish remover over the cheaper ones. It works but so do the cheap ones.

6. Clean & Clear Body wash – The first time I bought this I was sceptical because Mango and Papaya didn’t really seem like two scents that would mesh well … or that I would want to smell like. But it smells AMAZING and I love that it has exfoliating beads … so although I have other body washes I always repurchase this one!

So there you have it … a mini recap and a mini haul. Could have been two posts but YOLO. Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

Have a great Monday!! 



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