MAC makes me smile and other Faves.

Sooo I posted five consecutive days this week. I cannot remember the last time that happened. It’s worthy of mentioning since I do not know when it will ever happen again. Ha! It’s Friday, so here are the favourite happenings of the past week!

Fave Moments

Lots of great moments this week! On Wednesday I took the day off work because YOLO and went for lunch and to the mall with my mum. Lunch was yummy.

Of course we had to stop at my favourite store in the mall … MAC makes me smile! Most of my makeup is good old MAC!

And buy goodies. I had to replace my studio fix and I bought Velvet Teddy lipstick

That night I also went to a fete (fete = party – its Carnival season) with my friend Whitney. So fun! Interesting picture because some of that hair is hers and some is mine. I swear not all of my friends have locs. haha. 

Fave Beauty

The velvet teddy lipstick I bought. I finally have the perfect nude!! Just yaaaaas.


Fave Blog Post

My friend Kari wrote a short story and posted it … and I think you ALL should read it and give it some love. It is freaking AWESOME. Young new writers don’t get enough love so lets show my girl some love on her post 🙂

Fave Food

Found here

Cauliflower as my favourite food two weeks in a row! But seriously I have to try this. I’ve really been eating extremely well since January and its paying off and I’m having a lot of fun finding great healthy things to eat.

Fave Funnies

Where can I get this T shirt? Seriously!

Avid readers know what I’m talking about


So tragic and not so funny but we can all agree that this is too darn cute. Kids.

Have a great Friday and Valentines day weekend!


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