Travel Tips ~ Packing for a short work trip

Quite often, my job causes me to have to hop over to the more scenic sister isle for work. Tomorrow I will be once again hopping a 20 minute flight. This time I will be spending 4 days and 3 nights. I leave on Wednesday and head straight to the hotel so no court. I then have court on Thursday and Friday and I leave again on Saturday. The third night, Friday night into Saturday was optional on my part. I could have left on Friday after court but I’m staying an extra night/day for a mini one night vacay with a friend who is hopping over to join me. But I need two days worth of work clothes and two days worth of none work clothes.


Avoid checking luggage – This time I am attempting not to check a bag. This one is tricky as I typically carry one bag/small suitcase and my handbag and laptop bag. Since I have to carry my laptop, up until this point, I have checked a bag to reduce the shear load since I have a handbag and laptop bag already. I am a short girl only 4’11 and I look ridiculous logging around 10 bags. So, this time I plan to take the laptop bag will be with me and my handbag will be packed in the carry on baggy.

Don’t over-pack – I am typically an over-packer and probably am better at packing for long, far trips like Australia, India or Europe. But over-packing is a big no no for the work trip, near or far really. Limit the number of items you pack. The next two point flow from this one.

Pack Black – yeah yeah I wear a lot of black but it makes sense on a work trip. Easier to mix and match outfits and therefore pack less. Not hard for me since 99.9% of my clothes are in fact black.

Pack versatile items to save space –  This goes along with the above tip. Can one work trousers be worn two days in a row with a different jacket and shirt to make a completely different outfit? totally!

Work items –  This is a no brainer, make sure you have all work documents.

Pack some items other than “work stuff” – Pack exercise clothes if more than one day or an oufit for the evenings/ nights.

What I’m packing:

Work Stuff

2 jackets (one black, one blue peplum)

1 pair black work pants

1 pair heels (my nine west black pumps)

1 pair flats

1 white tank to wear with black jacket and black pant

1 black tank to wear with blue jacket and black pant 


Laptop and laptop bag

Wallet and handbag packed in carry on!

Files / work docs 

Chargers for errything

Fun Stuff

1 Swim suit

1 pair flip flops

2 casual tops

1 spair shorts

1 short skirt

1 leggings

Stuff to sleep in etc

(Full disclosure: In the photos above where I couldn’t find an exact replica I just used something similar)

So that’s what I’m packing for 4 days and 3 nights, with the last night being a night where I’d possibly be heading out of the hotel to eat and drink a bit.  This is really the first time that I am not just throwing a million things into my suitcase with reckless abandon. HA! The works suits I am fine with because I am choosing two of my faves, and I generally love wearing suits anyway! It’s everything else I am worried about. So lets hope I don’t have a panic attic because of my lack of options. 

What do you think? Too much? Too little?

Have a Great Tuesday!!!


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