10 things I would do if I won the lottery

This hasn’t been the best week for me. Tuesday was the anniversary of my sisters passing so things have been a tad quiet around these parts and a tad sombre in real life. I didn’t want to take the entire week off though, so here I am today. Missed me? Of course you did! 😀 

I promised to keep March positive in spite of everything so today I’m doing just that and keeping things light. I was watching one of those documentaries about lottery winners and how they blew their winnings and it got me thinking… Seriously what would I do if pigs flew and I won the lottery?

1. Dance Beyonce style because … money.

2.  Give a chunk to my parents to do as they please – they deserve it. All of it. Literally as much as they want they can have and I’ll make whatever is left work #realtalk- basically my parents can derail the rest of this list ha! 

3. Put a chunk into savings – Parents then savings then whatever else … Me blow all of it?

4. Purchase a home – because I’m fed up paying someone rent. I throw away waaaay too much money on my overpriced one bedroom apartment. 

5. Purchase an investment home – because I want someone to pay ME rent. This will happen one day lottery or not. Because again … money.

6. Purchase my dream (preferably fast) car – Let’s get serious for a second. I have a gas brain and always have. Heck, I have one Pinterest board for F1 and racing (really its a slightly scary stalker-ish board dedicated to Lewis Hamilton who I would marry in a second – that’s right, one second) and a whole other board dedicated to car love. Thats two Pinterest boards about cars and speed (and Lewis Hamilton). TWO. And they were probably two of my first boards. It’s no joke. I used to play sims all the time and my favourite sim’s name was Pagani Zonda after my (then) favourite car. There was also a sim named Bugatti Veyron – I have problems. See why I need money? Champagne taste and soda pockets. My dream:


7. Travel – No secret. I love to travel and travel far. I would love to go to Greece and well I plan to visit Australia every couple of years (next year again whoop whoop) sooo I’d have a great travel budget.

me summed up in an ecard …

8. Give a chunk to charity/a church – Gotta give back yo!

9. Keep a whole bundle of it in coins in a room so I can go all Scrooge Mc Duck – because why the hell not?

10. Pretend I didn’t win the lottery – from looking at the documentaries which prompted this post, I gather telling folks you won the lottery might be problemo numero uno!

Have a great Thursday guys!!! 


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