12 Facts about me!

Its Monday! I had a relatively slow relaxing weekend with the parents and since it consisted mainly of doing laundry and thesis writing I figure a recap will bore you all to death. So today instead you get me talking about me. Some time ago, Reisha nominated me for the “One lovely blog” award and I’m supposed to share 7 facts about myself. Because I like to babble and I am a rebel, it turned into way more than 7 facts so let’s just roll with it! I have mentioned a few of these before but there are some new faces around so enjoy!

1. I am deathly afraid of lizards. Like its an abnormal fear. Just today I was watching a YouTube vlog and the guy in the vlog panned to a lizard in his yard. You know I had to stop watching. My pores raised, I started to breathe heavy and everything. Its serious and to some quite comical. Really guys, I once almost took a plane home from Barbados because there was a lizard in my room #truestory. If you want to know where the irrational fear came from I spoke about it here. Me when I see a lizard:

2. I hate pictures of myself. But I’ve said that before as well. I look way bigger in pictures because of my boobs and because I’m 4’11. Also, I just think I look better in person. Especially full body photos of myself – they make me physically cringe. I’m getting better but this is still a work in progress. Just to be clear – I’m not whining or complaining about my body, I actually quite like my body and get compliments about my unique shape daily … I just think it looks odd in photos. 

3. My biggest dream in life is to be a mother and a wife. It clearly also my most illusive. I spent wasted a chunk of my twenties with the guy I would have put my head on a block I would have fulfilled that dream with … Long story sort, I await that dream again. These are the cards I was dealt. Not complaining, just dealing with it.

4. I love doing the laundry. I think it’s calming… BUT I hate to put away laundry. It’s quite the conundrum. 


5. I was skipped a standard (grade) in primary (elementary) school. As a result I was always younger than everyone in my classes throughout school and I had the worst handwriting. #random

6. My favourite body part is my lips. I love my lips.

7. I verily believe that I was conceived on my father’s birthday. I was born on August 26th. My dads birthday is November 24th. You do the math. I also figured this out when I was a young, precocious kid and about made my mama choke when I asked her:

8. My feet are size 5. Cute yes. Incredibly stressful to find a shoe that doesn’t look like it belongs to a child? Also yes.

9. Most of my wardrobe is black. Like most of it. 

10. However … Most of everything else I own is pink. My Ipad case, laptop case, camera case, cell phone case, yoga mat, headphones, sneakers, gym bag, this blog. You name it … its probably pink. What can I say, “I believe in pink” and this is one of my favourite quotes:

11. I love to travel (like a lot) and I’ve been to quite a few places in my time. However if someone told me today that they would pay me to travel the world and write I would quit my job…. immediately.

12. I’m actually a very private person. I know, I know, how is that possible and I have a blog? No clue but it’s true though. 

And that’s it!!

P.S. – Bear with me this week, my plate is extra full and I may be sporadic as I work on my thesis. I had a sudden incident happen with my original thesis topic (more on that later this week) and I had to re-arrange my entire thesis last week causing me to be very flaky blog-wise. I have unanswered comments in my inbox and I hate that! I take my time in answering every comment. Don’t worry though I’m around and will be more around by mid to end of this week 🙂

Have a great Monday guys!!!


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