A Blate and other Friday Faves!

It’s Friday! I have been a bit silent for the past few days because life was a bit hectic, but it was a pretty good week and here are the faves.

Fave Moment

Emily was in town for a wedding and we met up for Sushi at the same restaurant I went to last week and drinks at a new bar. I brought along my girlie Alicia and she brought her husband (who is the coolest). I’ll be honest, I can’t wait till she comes back because we had a blast!

The eats … we ate outdoors


Fave Recipe

I’m not sure I’m skilled enough to pull this off but I certainly want to try Fetta and Spinach stuffed chicken breast recipe.

Found here

Fave Funnies

This is why I’m a dog person

and not a cat person … (although they are cute)

Oh you mean like the “P” in Raspberry??

That’s it for today!!

Happy Friday!!!


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