A zip-lining weekend

What do you do when you’re having a sucky week and your friend messages you on Saturday morning and says hey … wanna go zip-lining? You say no and you keep your chicken self at home you say why the heck not. And that’s exactly how Saturday morning went for me. 

Truth be told, I don’t have a bucket list, I have no desire to do dangerous things for the thrill of it just to say I tried it. Well unless you count loving really fast cars. I really love fast cars. (blame the ex and his love for speed for me loving the thrill of a racer’s car). But save for that exception, I am not very adventurous. Like at all. Case in point – The back yard of the home I grew up in, the place I still call “home”, where my parents have lived for all my life … I have probably been in the back there a handful of times in all my life because there are so many trees in my back yard and trees mean lizards. And if you’ve been around these parts for a while you know, I don’t like lizards. I know that was a lot of babble, but you catch my drift … I’m not very adventurous, not even adventurous enough to run in my own lizard filled back yard.

… and yet I went zip-lining

… while hanging off a line suspended hundreds (?) of feet in the air, I slid from platform to platform. Just for shits and giggles. Or just shits.

… I am officially nuts

… Oh… And I don’t even have a picture of me zip-lining to prove it (we didn’t want to zip-line with our phones). I did get this picture of one friend though…

It was so high up!

So to make a long story short. This wasn’t just one zip-line. It was a zip-lining course located in a place called Chaguaramas. And the scenery (which I did manage to get a picture of) was just beautiful. The course is right next to a popular beach.

There were seven zip-lines and if you took the plunge and did the first one then you had to do them all! It was so surreal being suspended high into the air and having to take a leap of faith into the air and hope that a line will hold you. In some respects it was a little spiritual. You just had to have faith that you got from one end to the other without plunging to your death (for which they say they would not be liable according to the wager you sign before you jump ha!)

Alas, no plunges to death occurred and I lived to take a selfie …

But not all was unscathed. There was a very swollen hand and blisters. Apparently I held on wrong on the first zip-line and got a blister/ water thingy and a sore swollen hand through the gloves. #onlyme Check it out.

It was only my right hand but it was so swollen 🙁

After the first one though… it was smooth sailing. And the craziest thing is I want to do it again. Firstly, so I could get pictures the next time and also because now that I know what it feels like … I really want to sail through the air again.

Sunday I spent with my beautiful parents.

N.B. – after writing this post about not being adventurous I realized that I have done some pretty ballsy things … like I’ve been in a submarine. I definitely have to do a post on that soon.

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Have a great Monday guys!!!


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