Friday Faves

How is it the 6th of March already. I know I say this all the time but really is 2015 moving a little quicker than other years?? Seriously though … Anyway, on to some faves. 

Friday Favourites

Fave moment

My fave moment of the week will probably happen after I write this post. I am totally ditching work today. I mean I’ll be doing work but from home. I got to work bright and early yesterday morning to tackle some files because its been  quite the busy week and my archaic desktop computer just was not cooperating. I spent the hours of 7:30 am to 11 am trying to get IT to fix it at which point I had to go to court. Long story short this lady is not going in to work to tomorrow to deal with the headache of that computer and my bum will happily do work from the comfort of my bedroom.

Random desk pic because my fruit looks nice

Fave show

I know, I know … I say this nearly every week. But I can’t help it. I want everyone to watch Scandal. The show is just good. So if you don’t already, do yourself a favour and just watch!! Shonda just keeps switching it up!

Fave recipe

Plantain bread? Where have I been. The almost married Lindsay did a post on it this week and man I’m pumped that this exists. I eat a lot of plantain as is (and did growing up as well) so this is just perfect. Now I just need to get my mum to make it ….

She didn’t post a recipe fro the bread but the sloppy joes recipe here

Fave Funnies

4’11 problems…

I laughed for an insanely long time at this…


Yesterday at work …

It’s growing on me but this pic is till hilarious … right?

Fave Song

I’m not sure why this song which annoyed me for soooo long made its way back onto my playlist… but it has.

Have a great weekend guys!!

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