Friday Favourites

Friday. Oh Friday, I can genuinely say I haven’t been this happy to see you in a long while. So happy to be done with this week. I also can’t wait to eat some yummy sushi tonight and to take a drink and chat with some old friends. But before all that happens, lets talk Faves of the week.

Friday Favourites

Fave Random

My mum and aunt have been into horticulture all their lives. Since last year I have been trying to dip my toes into the “plant” game. Let me tell you right now … I suck. I clearly do not possess a green thumb. In the last year I have successfully killed 3 very expensive orchid plants. Anyhoo my mum decided to help me out a bit and now Im trying to raise some succulents and bromeliads. These are all in the cactus family and should be much harder to destroy. I hope.

Fave Posts

Alyssa’s posts. Technically from last week but since I didnt do faves last week lets just roll with it. I have been doing yoga at home for some weeks now. Even snagged me this yoga mat. Its a cheaper mat but its doing the job! I generally use YouTube as my guide but its always good to have tips. And let me tell you, if you want to start practicing yoga at home, you should read these two posts by Alyssa

Om at home beginning yoga practice Part one 

Om at home beginning yoga practice Part two

Fave Recipe

Plantain bread – last week I posted the picture by Lindsay of plantain bread but said that I had to find me a recipe. Well my mama created her own recipe and made me plantain bread this week complete with cranberry and raisins. Guys, it was soft and moist and tasted just like plantain!! YUMM! i don’t think my iPhone captured the texture or colour well. It was fabulous!! 

Although I am not supposed to eat wheat (and haven’t in months – gluten intolerance) … and this did have a small amount of whole wheat… I thoroughly enjoyed it. Will have to get her to make it again and write out a recipe this time so I can post in on the blog and take all the credit … just kidding! 

Fave Song

I know, I know. I have said it a million times I have a love hate relationship with Mr. West. I actually like is music … its him (the person) I cannot stand anymore. I was listening to a playlist on an old iPod I found while cleaning this week and heard this song … and remembered the college days when I really liked old school Kanye.

Short and sweet today. Ill be back full force next week.

Have a great weekend!! 


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