No weekend recap from me since my weekend isn’t over. It’s a long weekend here, so I have the day off today. Yaaaas! It’s also not lost on me that there is another long weekend next week – I could easily get used to the no work on Monday thing. So instead of a weekend recap I thought I’d pop in and share the above quotes that I stumbled upon on Pinterest (sidenote: for all those who follow me on Pinterest I confess that I pin all the things)

I’ve always been a positive person. Throughout my youth and into adulthood its the one thing people always notice about me. My friend Nadiya calls me the “eternal optimist”. I’ve just never been a whiner or complainer – I’d rather find a solution to the problem and fix whatever is bothering me. That said, in the last year so much crap has happened that I allowed that to change and more recently, I’ve found that I’ve let little things get to me. I mean really little things like the car having no gas on a morning or forgetting to bring something upstairs and having to go back for it or a line at the bank were tripping me out. Literally everything was frustrating me to the point where I was at the brink of a “woe is me” attitude. 

But that just isn’t me. 

Nor do I want it to be me. 

I like to have fun, I like to smile and cause others to smile and in spite of bad days, I actually do know that it doesn’t mean that life itself is bad and that my worst day would be appreciated by so many. So those two quotes hit me.

Its Monday, the dreaded first day of the week and a little positivity never hurt. So here I am sharing these two quotes that have woken my positive spirit up. Yup, I’m sprinkling positive dust on all of you! Because didn’t you know that “positive dust” exists? 

Ok enough seriousness for today, I’m off to enjoy the rest of my long weekend and I hope you all have the best day!  

Have a great Monday!! 


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