Weekending and then some

It’s Monday and the first week in March. I’ll be honest, March isn’t the happiest month for me, so I’ll be happy to jump over the “March” hurdle. For today though, I’m keeping the vibes positive on the blog, starting with the glorious weekend that was … well really this story begins before the weekend, on Wednesday.

As I said in this post, I had a work trip from Wednesday into Saturday. It was a lot of work with both Wednesday and Thursday night in the hotel finding me up at 2am with my head in the books (boo work), but a lot of fun as well. Balance people, it’s key! Also, all work and no play makes Kay very grumpy. The hotel, while not my top choice (hated the decor but work put me up) was relaxing. The room was huge and I cant really complain about having a private balcony for evening coffee green tea.

I ate good food (although I only have pics of breakfast and I ate nearly the same breakfast every day – fruit, eggs, no bread):

Drank lots of green tea … my coffee substitute these days. I’m seriously on a green tea kick and I drank this every morning and every night. Yum:

And when I got to court each day there were ocean views from the High Court … no matter how many times I go always amazes me:

I had a night out and a drink (or three) on Friday night and flew home on Saturday. Not too shabby a week.

Speaking of Saturday, some days I amaze myself with what I get accomplished in 24 hours. Saturday was one of those days. I flew home Saturday, and yet I found time to  complete the final draft of chapter one of my masters thesis, read comments and (some) blogs and still had time to chill with a boy (who I don’t yet (?) blog about). I basically won Saturday.

Sunday on the other hand was much less productive. I basically scratched my bum all Sunday. It was fabulous! I woke up to a ridiculous email from a student (I tutor) asking why her grade on a paper was so low … Sidenote: I am tempted to screen shot the bloody email to show you guys how piss poor (excuse my French) the grammar in said email was. I literally rolled my eyes, rolled over and slept in. I lazed around watching YouTube videos and sleeping all day and did a little work in the night. I may or may not have eaten …

How was your weekend?

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Have a great Monday!!


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