Weekending – Samurai Sushi and other yummies

This was a yummy weekend. Like really yummy. Not the healthiest weekend but yummy none the less. I’m talking Sushi, curry, meatballs … yummy.

Lets start with sushi because yum … After a ridiculously long day at work Friday, some co-workers and I decided to head out for some sushi at one of our favourite spots Samurai Sushi. In typical blogger style (and not typical Kay style), I took pics to show you just how lovely this restaurant is. Seriously a restaurant can win be just by its ambiance.

The inside and bar area:

We chose to sit outside though – eating with a view is so much better. When we got there it was after 5pm and we stayed until 9!

Don’t ask me where I’m looking… no clue..

We ate lots of yummy sushi … and there was a special on the wine that night. It was buy a bottle and get another free so that happened as well.

So if pigs fly and you’re ever in my area, I would definitely recommend. I’m 99% sure I’ll be hitting up this spot again this week on my blate with Emily. This or some other sushi spot, but definitely sushi!

As for the other yummies of the weekend …

Although on Saturday I did make time to see a couple friends and a boy, I stayed home for the majority of this weekend trying to catch up on thesis work. Sidenote: when grad school ends my life will be sooooo much easier. Anyway, because I ate sushi on Friday, I decided to make the rest of the weekend bad-carb-less. I’m not sure it was necessarily healthy, ok it wasn’t at all, but it is what it is. Saturday I picked up dhal (split pea soup) and curried shrimp and on Sunday I looked into the fridge and made the healthiest things I had. Sweet potato, plantains, avocado, greens and … meatballs. Yeah…

I didn’t finish all those meatballs don’t worry.

Welp … I didn’t mean to but that turned into an entire post about food. What did you eat this weekend?

Have a great Monday!


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