A balancing act

The weekend after a super long weekend always flies by doesn’t it? I mean where did Saturday and Sunday go?? I haven’t posted a weekend recap in a while but thats because I’ve barely taken any photos of my weekend for the past couple of weeks. I will this week though!

The weekend was a good one. On Friday night I went out and ended up staying out until well after 1 am with a friend having drinks and great conversation. Saturday was spent relaxing, working on the thesis that has taken over my life and eating good food – like broccoli and pepper shrimp. Pepper shrimp is awesome guys and you should try it! Sunday I spent with my parents agin eating good food. Sidenote: I grew up eating avocado. Its a staple in the Caribbean so avocados don’t generally phase me. But the avocado we ate on Sunday was extra yummy.

Anyway, aside from those things, I didn’t do much because these days I suck royally at time management. Let me take a second to talk about the balancing act that has become my life. Right before I published this post, I “marked all as read” on bloglovin. If you know me, you know I never do that. I always catch up. I usually have my stuff together. Last week, even though it was a short week, I just didn’t have it together. Something had to give and unfortunately it was blogging or reading blogs.

See … my masters thesis is due on May 18th as in the final thing, and I’m currently in the data collection phase along with being an attorney, a tutor (with unmarked papers – gotta get on that), exercising, dating, chilling with friends and having a life. I love blogging and my blog but I’m having a hard time with time management at the moment and just needed a break from reading… anything. So I took it.

I aint going anywhere don’t worry. I just needed a time out.

Have a great Monday folks!!!


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