A racing weekend

I had a rough week last week work and school wise and another rough week this week (I travel to Tobago again on Wednesday) but I miss my blog, I miss reading comments and I miss reading blogs. You know what I realised in the week I haven’t posted anything? This blog is a nice reprieve from work … and so is a fun weekend!! I hope you guys are still around to read it! ha! I will catch up on everything I’ve missed though so look out for that.

Let me preface this by saying this is NOT the typical post. I had a fantastic weekend. Particularly Saturday. I have said from the very beginning that I am obsessed with cars and racing and I have Pinterest boards dedicated to cars and racing. I’m not the typical girly girl. I watch F1 every week when its in season, like now, and I have friends who race cars. My best male friend races his car and I love to go see him and that’s exactly what I did this Saturday.

I spent the morning in the garage with him and his cousin fixing his Subaru Impreza (black) and watching the other cars get tuned up.

Then it was off to the races … The car looked sexy and was very ready.

The other cars looked cute too …

It was a beautiful day for racing although my iPhone didn’t quite catch the beauty ….

He raced several cars… and clocked over 400 km/hr making a quarter mile in 10 seconds – pretty impressive.

Luckily his friend who owns this beast didn’t race it that day … this bad boy would have devoured everybody.

** I should point out that my friend only races on tracks. In fact, he only drives this particular car when its racing – this car does over 400 km/hr and is not the safest car for the road. He has an “everyday” subaru. Still fast but nowhere close to the speed of this one. 

By the end of the year I want to own my own race car (once my mother promises not to have a heart attack – she is the one preventing it thus far ha!) and hopefully next year I will enter some races. You will know though, because I will blog about it. For now, I can have fun sitting in this speed demon and enjoying the thrill.

Hope you guys have a great Monday and week!!


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