Favourite Childhood Books

A few weeks ago, I read this post and got super nostalgic about all the books I’ve loved throughout my life. Anyone who knows me knows from a very early age I was (and still am) a reader. Growing up we were blessed to have had (and still have) a library bigger than my bedroom filled with books. Sidenote: Thanks parents for the gift of books! When kids, my sisters included, were playing outside, I was inside with my head in a book. Thankfully, my eldest sister who lives in Australia was also a reader and whenever she would bring a new book, I would read it. So I was reading adult books well before my time. In fact, I was skipped a class in school (think skipping infants and heading straight to grade one) because I read way beyond my years and as a result I was also the poster kid to be entered into reading competitions. Fun fact, I also read very very quickly – a speed reader actually. When I started University, before I studied law, I jumped at the opportunity to do a literature degree. Anyway, when I was saw a couple of other posts pop up about favourite childhood books, I just had to post mine.

My Favourite Childhood Reads:

Bingo Brown Gypsy Lover – This is my all time favourite childhood book. I still own this book and read it ever so often. In fact, I shuddered to post this without a real photo of the book because I forgot to take one this weekend when I was at my parents house. This photo was the only one I found with the cover I have. I know this isn’t the most popular childhood book, but ever since I first read it when I borrowed it from the library of my mum’s school  I was beyond hooked. (Before my mum was a principal, she was a teacher who doubled as a librarian and I got it at her library – I never returned it whoops).

Charlottes web – This was my sister’s book and I have read it a million times!

Little House on the Prairie – We still own this one as well. Its in our home library. Like the first two Ive read this wayy too many times to count.

Anne of green gables – When being entered into a reading competition in standard five (I have no idea what the comparable grade is but I was 9/10 – typical standard five age is 11 so you can calculate the grade from the age group) I was given this book to read for practice. It became one of my favourites.

Famous five – The entire series. I’ve read every one, probably twice.

Secret seven – See above. Same thing. Read every one.

Nancy Drew Files (case) – For Nancy Drew lovers you know there were case books and mystery books. I read both, but the case files were my favourite.

One of my faves

Hardy Boys – I think if Bingo Brown didn’t exist one the Hardy Boys (and McGyver hehe) would have been my first crushes.

Hardy Boys / Nancy Drew combined – when Nancy Drew and Hardy boys combined, it made for gold, pure gold.

The Babysitters Club – I mean … who didn’t love these? No one thats who!

Sweet Valley errything – High, University everything. Even the TV show. I was a Sweet Valley girl. I might well have been a Wakefield in my head.


So there you have it. A bit about me and some of my childhood in book form. I wouldn’t change a minute of my reading life.

What were your favourite childhood books? Did they make the list?

Have a great Wednesday!!!


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