Friday Favourites

Its’s Friday!! Apparently the last post I published was my 200th post … I can’t believe its been so many already. Anyway, it’s been a good week. It started with a long and glorious four day weekend (we get Good Friday and Easter Monday off) and since court was closed for most of the week I was free-er than usual soooo I went out a couple of times mid-week with friends and like a good blogger failed to take any photos. Whomp whomp. Anyway its the weekend and I’m looking forward to a good one. 

On to the faves … 

Friday Favourites

Favourite Recipe:

The Kale and Quinoa patties look delicious. I’m not sure I’m talented enough to try them but they sure look delicious. How do people come up with these yummy food ideas??

Recipe found here

Favourite Purchase:

I bought this dress online on Monday and I cannot wait for it to arrive. It’s super cute and even though I live in the land of forever summer, I do quite like long sleeved (but short) dresses. This fits the bill.

Found here

Favourite Funnies:

When you crave chocolate and try to justify eating it …

Tell me you didn’t sing the tune while reading this…

God blesses some more than others


Cats .. so cute but so naughty

I saved the best for last. I can’t stop laughing at this. Players gon’ play…

Favourite song:

This song is infectious. Seriously. Take a listen you might just love it. It’s been on repeat all week for me.

Linking up with Amanda

Have a great Weekend guys!! 


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