Sunday sweats ~ Vol. 1

I probably chose a bad week to start logging my ‘sweats’ because this week have been all over the place. Last Monday was a non-Easter related public holiday here and then this current Easter long weekend finds me at my parents house. Since I tracked my sweats daily though, I figure why not post what I actually did anyway.

Monday: Rest ~ This was a holiday here and I just had no zeal to do anything but relax. Well relax and work on my thesis. No sweats of any kind happened. 

Tuesday: 45 minute run on the treadmill at the gym. 30 minute abs/thighs ~ Because I run just because I enjoy it and I’m not training for a race per se, I actually don’t generally measure distance, but rather time. I plan to change that though so maybe from next weeks’ post.

Thigh machine selfie

Wednesday: 30 minute run on treadmill. 30 minute legs and back. 20 minute yoga ~ Today I was beat. Just was not into it. I know this isn’t even a tough workout day or week but I was exhausted after the gym for some reason. And it really was just over an hour according to my polar. 

PS. After heading home and yoga-ing for 20 minutes I was fine though.

Thursday: yoga ~ this 7 minute video. It really was just a stretch and I’m not even sure I should count it!  

Friday: rest ~ Good Friday saw me driving to the parents house and relaxing all day. I have to say it was a relaxing week.

Saturday: 20 minute yoga ~ Last night, at 1 am at my parents home with no yoga mat, I decided to practice. And that my friends is one of the reasons I like yoga so much. No fuss. I’m all about no fuss.

I look forward to next week when I have some sort of structure.

Happy Easter!! 


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