Sunday sweats ~ Vol 2

Not every week I will be at my exercise prime and this is a great example of one of those weeks. I went out twice this week so that also meant I drank alcho twice this week. Combine that with thesis stuff and feeling blah for most of the week and there wasn’t mush sweating. Anyway this is what I did do.

Monday: rest ~ I actually had all intentions of working out today but my stupid gym closed for the holiday (We get Easter Monday off here). Clearly I’m in the one gym that’s not 24/7 ugh!

Tuesday: 45 minute run/walk on the treadmill at the gym. 30 minute abs ~ This was me at my best this week and I thoroughly enjoyed this workout. Thoroughly. I went out later on this night and probably destroyed all my progress with a couple glasses of scotch. Whoops. 

Wednesday: 30 minute yoga, 20 minute run ~ I tried today guys, I did. It just wasn’t happening so I stopped. 

Thursday: 30 minute run, thigh machine for 5 reps, 20 minute yoga ~ guys Wednesday night Alyssa made and sent me a video teaching me stretches so I can try to learn to split. I cannot thank her enough. She is really a gem. It’s an awesome video and I will be practicing it often. I did 10 minutes on Thursday morning and 10 minutes Thursday night!!!

Friday: rest ~ I went out Friday evening into the wee hours and just never got to exercise, fitness, sweats, nada. I did get wine though.

Saturday: 20 minute stretching yoga ~ Thank God yoga is done at home, because again I would have had no motivation to do a thing. 


If I’m being completely honest, I’m not beating myself up for this week at all. Everyone has these down weeks. Although it was a short week I was just de-motivated to “sweat”. I’ve been working on my masters thesis, the final of which has to be submitted in a month and these days I just feel too drained to exercise, blog, read blogs, all of it. I just had many of those days this week. When I was home and didn’t have work to do, I just wanted to … sleep. It happens. ha! 

What matters is that next week will be better right?

** There’ll be pictures in the next post. I barely took a picture on my phone this week. haha

Have a great Sunday Guys!!!


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