Tobago Favourites

I’m drafting this post in the middle of the night (what’s new) from my hotel room while on a work trip to Tobago. Normally I wouldn’t blog while on a work trip, but this has been such a fantastic trip this time around, I said what the heck … I really should be prepping for court tomorrow but YOLO (Is YOLO still a thing?). My favourites this week are from my work trip!

Friday Favourites

In case you missed it, I’m in Tobago for a work trip. Its the weekend of Jazz festival and although I will be leaving early because I have a wedding tomorrow, two colleagues and I decided to try to enjoy some time off after work.

We took a stroll on the beach (Store Bay) to see the sunset …

… and to chat with fishermen about their catch of the day – parrot fish and lobster!

We viewed some Caribbean paraphernalia …

And went to a bar to take in some live performances and have a drink…

Maybe my job isn’t so bad after all!

Have a great Friday and Weekend!!


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