Training for Tuesday … on a Wednesday

**I forgot to post this yesterday even though it was written and so we get Training for Tuesday on a Wednesday. Let’s just pretend today is Tuesday mmkay. It’s April Fool’s day (Happy April Fools) so its totally acceptable to play pretend. Also since I’m pretend posting this on a Tuesday but really its Wednesday, I got the opportunity to read the other posts and Kristen’s post and her honesty about her half marathon is refreshing and real and shows the ups and downs of running. Go read it. 

Longest. Disclaimer. Ever. On to the post:

A Change of Pace

This post is not going to be a long one. It’s really about my new found love. Yoga. A little flashback: A while ago, well January really, I decided to really buckle down and get fit. And more importantly to  get in a healthy space. I had already started running at that point and I had already begun to love that. I try to spend most of my evenings in the gym, though I do falter here and there. I get my running in and have been trying not only to lose weight but be “in a good space” – I can’t really describe the space I’m talking about so let’s roll with it – it was a perspective shift. I love running and really want to improve at it (and I have significantly – I will continue always) but I’ve now found another exercise that I adore just as much! 

I had two friends who tried hot yoga a while back and they had a love/hate relationship with it. Anyhow they convinced me to give yoga a try. And I did and I hated it and thought I’d never get with that again. I never could get the poses down and at the time I thought “I could never lose my excess flab doing this ish” so I stopped. Earlier this year after I had seen some of Alyssa’s posts and some friends over here began to pick up yoga again, I decided to try it. And I love it. You see with the January perspective shift, its not longer about the excess flab, its about loving the healthy lifestyle I’ve adopted, Its about pushing my body past what I thought was capable and it’s about just enjoying it. I enjoy it so I do it! Do I want to lose a couple more pounds? Yes but that thats not why I love and continue to do yoga. I do it because I enjoy it. It relaxes me, it relaxes my brain, its calming. Yoga after the gym is the best thing ever.

I do have to say that the yoga classes where I live are pretty pricey and budget-wise I chose to pay for the gym instead of yoga. I therefore do yoga videos predominantly. Alyssa recommended some channels for me and this one has been my go to! I bought a yoga mat and it’s been game on ever since. Between running and yoga I think I have found peace with a fitness regime.

Now for some goals:

1. Attend a live class – I can afford to spend the money on the expensive monthly classes but i don’t want to, but I do want to see what a live class is like!

2. Try a new routine every week

3. Practice about 4 times a week

4. Learn to split – I mean … In the spirit of honesty I had to throw this one in ha!

Have a great Tuesday Wednesday guys! 


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