*blows cobwebs*

Seriously though, is anyone there? I mean look who showed up today! I genuinely did not intend to completely abandon the blog for two weeks, but abandon I did. I’m sure you were fed up of hearing me whine about my thesis (I sure was fed up of whining) … and I’ll be honest that’s the only thing I would have done if I showed up to the blog within the last two weeks.

I missed my blog, So let me update you on the life happenings and what I’ve been up …

1. Thesis – Surprise Surprise, this is the main thing I was up to. As of Saturday I completed my thesis! Its not yet handed in but its complete. I hand in tomorrow and will then take the stiffest drink of scotch in all the land. See … I’m handing in my thesis a month before its due because my supervisor has to leave the country this week – hence the rush, hence the stress and anxiety. It’s done, its over, no more thesis talk. I’m sick of it.

2. Eating – I ate more than I have this whole year in the last two weeks and in the process gained five pounds. I am an emotional eater so this really isn’t that surprising. When I’m stressed, I eat. I completely abandoned my health and I ate things I shouldn’t have which makes me sad. But back to healthy life today! We all stumble no point me beating myself up over it. 

3. Celebrated my mama for Mothers day with breakfast at her favourite restaurant. 

4. Had the living room of my apartment re-tiled – well the landlord had it re-done – I just had a headache and lots of dust.

5. Shared my blog with some real life folks actually living in my country – eep! Cue the self consciousness and the prayers that they don’t actually read it. I kid.

6. Went to church … and it didn’t burn down. Amen. *emoji hallelujah hands*

7. Whipped out my camera that hasn’t been used in months. This baby takes amazing photos and I hope I have more time to learn to actually use her now.

Peeling nail alert – Clearly one thing I wasn’t doing was my nails

8. Bought a new coffee mug that I love. It reminds me of me and my girls.

My friend who just completed her masters some weeks ago told me I would be confused by all the free time I have. I mean … I don’t think I’d be confused, I’d be too busy happily scratching my bum but in case I am confused like she said I have some things I plan on doing with my free time anyway.

Things I’m looking forward to in my new found free time:




Running, yoga, my health

Weekends of fun


Photography (might as well use my camera)

A plane trip that’s not to Tobago

It feels so good to be back!!!!!

Happy Monday Guys!! 


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