Friday Favourites

***  I just need to put this out there. Until my graduate thesis is handed in on May 18th I make no promises as to how much I will post because … tired. I have SOO many posts in draft that I want to complete and I actually have the motivation to do complete them, but its been whomp whomp for the last few weeks. So for the next couple of weeks while I wrap up the bane of my existence, i will post but only when I can. Ill be back to my favourite hobby in full force after that. I can only hope you guys stick around 😀 … Phew. That legit took a load off of me.

It’s May 1st already! I swear 2015 just started. I’m stoked for May though because by the end of this month, a weight , a giant weight that has been on my shoulders for the last two year will be lifted when the thesis is handed in. Anyway its Friday and therefore its Favourites time.

Friday Favourites

Favourite moments:

One of my best friends who is doing her masters in Peru is in town, which is another reason I was missing this week. Frankly all work and no play makes me really grumpy so when I do have a free moment I slot in some fun time. And that’s what I did on Monday. We grabbed some sushi and wine  (mojito for her) and will probably do something very similar tonight.

Favourite recipe:
This recipe just looks so yummy. I’d probably add some meat to it but how yummy is this?

Found here

Favourite blog posts: 

* This post on fear by Steph from Life according to Steph was a really good one. One I probably needed to read.
* Are you a feminist? Read this post by Alyssa. Most thought provoking post ever!

Favourite Funnies:

Oh grumpy cat – I get you!

Basically my life … except a lot more than a little

Because … cute

Favourite Song:

I have had this song on repeat for weeks. Ok, so the whole 50 shades soundtrack really because I love the soundtrack … regardless of my views on the movie.


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