Friday Favourites

I never write posts the morning I post them … unless I go out the night before, which is exactly what happened last night. It’s been a good week and the first week in a long while that I have zero complaints and am genuinely happy! Why? Well in case you missed it, my masters ended and I got a new job. So I’m particularly happy for my faves today.

Friday Favourites

Fave moment 

Last night to celebrate the week that was I went out for drinks with my girls and to enjoy some live  local alternative and rock music. It was a good night.

I’m sure you can guess which drink was mine – Ill give you a hint, its the non-girlie drink. ha!

Bathroom selfies are not below me even though they make me look fat … #badangle

Fave Recipe

I’ve been on a shrimp kick lately. This sweet potato, kale and shrimp skillet just looks yummy!! And there’s sweet potato in there too. Yes. Please.

Found here

Fave Funnies

Cat’s are probably the funniest animals around

I mean .. how cute are they?

Pretty much:


Hugs for anyone who gets me this wine glass ha!

Have a great Friday guys!!!


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