Friday Favourites

I missed my Friday Favourites post last week and these are my favourite posts to draft so I decided to whip one up this week. Its been a good week, a very good one. When I wasn’t doing work, I was out with friends having a blast. Also it was a great week because yesterday was my sister in Australia’s birthday. I’m always sad I can’t spend the day with her and since she reads this blog I wanted to say HAPPPPPY BIRTHDAY sissy! I love her so much!

Friday Favourites

Favourite Moments

I went out three, yes three, times this week. On Monday night I went out with my girls randomly for a drink. Since I was on a cleanse, I drank water!

Thursday was a holiday here so Wednesday night (the night before the holiday), I went out to watching some cars drifting (I love cars and speed) and then me my girls and some of our male friends went out to a bar TILL 3 AM!!! I cannot remember the last time I stayed out that late. Thank God Thursday was a holiday.

I wish I got  full length pic. I had on the cutest long sleeved top with cute shorts 😀

Last night, I went out for some eats and some drinks with an old friend who now lives in Virginia doing his Phd but who is home for a little vacation.

Many great moments…. not so much sleep ….

Favourite Recipe

I have got to make this avocado chicken burrito! It just looks so yummy!

Recipe here

Favourite Pin

I saw this on Pinterest and it was too cute not to pin! When I grow up (yes I know Im fully grown but sometimes I don’t feel like it), I want a kitchen like this:

Found here

Favourite Funnies

Story of my week in memes:

With the exception of the word “retarded” which I hate … this is so something I’d say:



That’s it!!! I hope you guys had a great week. I have a lot of catching up of posts to do and I WILLLLL do it this weekend.

Have a Great weekend guys!!


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