A random beach trip …

It’s Wednesday!!!

Monday, when I posted my beach bag essentials I had no idea and zero plans to head to the beach. But when you live in the Caribbean you can decide on whim on a Tuesday afternoon to take the 45 minute drive to the beach (see why a beach chair in the trunk at all times is necessary?). Some friends and I rolled up to the North Coast yesterday afternoon to Las Cuevas beach.

We chilled and watched kids play on the beach:

Caribbean beaches

Caribbean beach

I took my mandatory coconut tree pic:

Coconut tree

And watched the sun set!

Las Cuevas beach

Las Cuevas beach

We of course stopped of for “bake and shark” – a local dish

bake and shark

(excuse the red glow – it was under a red tent and I tried my darnedest to fix it!)

I also took an (awkward) selfie because “selfie or it didn’t happen”:

Loved that random trip!!!

Have a great Wednesday guys!!


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