Summer Style ~ Rompers

Lets just bypass the fact that I’m a hot mess blogger (and reader of blogs) these days … I could give valid excuses but since I hate excuses I’ll just roll right along into a post I’ve wanted to do for a long time now. Every now and again I decide to be put my foot where it doesn’t belong aka the land of blogging about fashion. I shudder to even call this post a “fashion” post so lets just call it me blogging about stuff I like to wear.

Since “rompers” became a thing I have loved them. I’m 4’11, barely the height of a kid and the romper style trend is one that looks good on my body’s height and type, so its a no brainer that I love all types of them and you should too especially in the summer. Yup, Most of you are rolling into Summer and I live in the land of the perpetual Summer …. so win win for all of us!



The casual romper is quite possibly my favourite romper style for the “summer” or as we call it in the Caribbean … everyday. Its easy and simple and effortlessly elegant and girly even in its most casual style. Also, I love short clothes because of my aforementioned height so the shorter, the better and these work just fine for me!

here /  here /  here /  here

Day to night:

One of the best things about rompers, you can find those that can translate from day time to nighttime. Heading to the beach and then out for drinks after? Well you really should go home to shower first …  I kid. But really though maybe you’re out during the day and need to head out later in the evening, these translate perfectly from day to night. 

here / here /  here / here /  here


Some time ago I bought  romper and wore it to an outdoor wedding and it fit perfectly for the setting. I love that rompers can be dressed up into formal wear and still be easy, breezy and beautiful (tell me you didn’t say covergirl in your head).

here /  here 

What’s your favourite summer style? Do you like rompers as much as I do??

** Next Wednesday, I think Ill do a confessions post, I haven’t done one of those in a hot minute!

Have a great Wednesday guys!!!


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