Treadmill thoughts

A long time ago, Steph (and other people I just can’t remember who else right now) wrote a post about her treadmill thoughts and I remembered thinking I want to do one of those since my brain runs a mile a minute. I never got the chance until Tuesday night. 

I went to the gym for a run for the first time in forever on Tuesday. I still religiously do my yoga but I had fallen off my running game for a host of reasons. So I slapped on my shoes and gym clothes and headed to the gym. From the moment I jumped on the treadmill and hit start I knew it was the perfect time to do one of these posts because the craziness that went through my head… it was too good not to record.

treadmill picture

*After hitting start button*

Do I really want to run for 45 minutes?

I really don’t want to run for 45 minutes why am I here?

Im tired and its not even 5 minutes in. Whats going on today?

Maybe I should read a book or listen to Undisclosed.

Nope … only dancehall can get me through this.

*Book pops into my head* – Why did i not bring my iPad. I cannot read off my phone.

How bad will it look if I just stop? Bad. it will look bad. Because you just freaking walked in

What am I going to eat after here. There is food in the fridge but I really feel for something else …

I wish I could eat a gyro. But flour. Cant have that.

I’ll just drink a shake then … but I do NOT feel for a shake.

Only 7 minutes in … what the actual hell?

That guy is really sweating … and panting … and moving

Oh yeah … Im sweating too.

But really though, why is he panting?

Dude I am literally on the brink of death and exhaustion and I’m not panting would you quit *side eye*

Fix your face Krystal. fix yo face.

Ooooh I love this song

I cannot believe I dropped $100 USD on Erin Condren stuff today … but horizontal … and pretty

*budgets in head*

Oh gosh this girl next to me is running on an incline really quickly, I need to run faster.

Scratch that …

She has cute sneaks. Me likes.

I really really should not have eaten that oreo today

At least panting guy is gone.

*20 minutes in* Dear God please let me live through this. I promise to obey the 10 commandments from this moment forward.

Walk. I need to walk.

Why am I hereeeeee???

Ok this wasn’t so bad … Nope it really was bad. Terrible in fact. Literally the worst run of life. But heck, I’m breathing.

Dang … Im swaying

No really, maybe you jumped off that treadmill too quickly. Way too quickly

Walk in a straight line Krystal. Though art not drunk.

Dammit. Whyyyy did I park so farrrrrrrrrrr….

Thats it!! What crazy thoughts do you have while working out?? I literally swore I’d pass out during that run, but I lived to tell the tale!! 

Have a great Thursday guys!!


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