Oh hey June!!

I hate that I’m now a blogger that takes unexpected breaks but apparently I am. I think all the events of the last few weeks just overcame me… new job which I start in a few weeks, old job with many loose ends to tie up etc. In addition, last week, an acquaintance of mine also passed away in a fiery car accident. It was pretty tragic. He wasn’t a close friend but I knew him and the accident, how it happened, his youth being snatched away from him in an instant and just the whole thought of it just made me feel not to blog, read blogs, or do anything. I don’t plan on any more breaks though… but life does happen. On a much brighter note, lets get on to the weekend happenings.

The highlight of my weekend was Friday when I took my parents out for some eats. I love them and love spending time with them just chatting so eating and having a glass of wine with my parents definitely tips the scale on the “fun” this weekend.

My beautiful mama …

Teaching daddy how to “selfie”



Saturday I drove home (parents home) for the night. It was spent watching TV and relaxing and figuring out whether I should buy a new horizontal Erin Condren planner – yup it was a right old party over here!

Sunday after church, (yes I went again this week and it didn’t burn down once again – and the church says AMEN) I was supposed to go “down the islands” for a yacht party – which simply means hop on a boat and sail around the tiny uninhabited islands off the coast of my country, while drinking – its an actual thing. I used to do this every single weekend and hadn’t been for a while. Unfortunately I wasn’t in the mood so I kept my butt home.

And that was my weekend. I have lots of posts to read today and this week so bear with me.

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Have a great Monday and week!


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