A Bundle of Thoughts {aka Life Lately}

Oh boy, its been a while since I came on my blog and just wrote. Its so refreshing to just write – one of the very best feelings. When I fell in love with reading blogs and dreamt of starting my own, it was because I liked reading about other’s lives. Lately blogging seems a little less about writing and life updates and more about blogging about being successful blogging. No shade just facts. And while there is a place for Pinterest-y posts,  tips and tricks, and the ‘new’ type of blogging, I have to remind myself that this space started as an outlet to write my thoughts, and that maybe once in a while I should actually yanno … write.

SO life updates are in order me thinks…

the kay times

Work – I started a new job on July 1st and with the exception of one horrifying picture that was taken of me last week, that doesnt even look like me and that will appear in official firm stuff – I love it. Its tough, but I do love it and its the number 1 reason that I can’t seem to get my blogging ish together. I don’t speak about work much and Ill continue not to in any great detail, but I will say this – I am a commercial litigation attorney – and in my day to day life that defines me. I generally get to work just after 7 and between 5 and 6 pm and I sometimes take work home. Yup essentially, I wear black suits and high heels daily – and people actually take me seriously when I speak. Sidenote – I sometimes want to laugh at how seriously people take me actually since 99.9% of the time I’m a certified clown. My point is … I have a stressful career that I absolutely love, but sometimes I have no time to do other things I love.

Oh and I also tutor at a University – there’s that.

Travel – it’s no secret around these parts that I love to travel. Whelp, my travel plans this year got all out of whack with the advent of my new job. This weekend I booked a ticket for my mum to head to Virginia for two weeks. I was supposed to be going on that trip too. But I’m not. I guess its ok since next year there will be tons of travel and hopefully I can slip out of the country for a long weekend before this years’ end but for now … I’m bummed I’m missing this trip.

Relationship – I rarely talk about my personal life on the blog because I am generally a pretty private person (a private blogger … the irony isn’t lost on me). But this part of my life is, at the moment, C O M P L I C A T E D (yup that’s complicated in bold, italics, underlined, capitalized and spaced for emphasis)… and so guess what – ’till its all figured out and settled, it’ll stay off the blog since, you know, words posted on the web remain for time immemorial.  If you’re really curious, ask. Pointless life update for the win.

Birthday – Next month is my birthday and I have the getting older blues. Ill be 30 and I spend most of age 29 mourning the loss of my 20’s and thinking about 30. Sigh. I don’t feel 30, and I most certainly don’t look it with my short self, but the realization that I’m not exactly where I thought I’d be at this age is grounding. While my career is exactly where I want it (and I do mean exactly – and for that I am grateful), my personal life needs work  – I have no kids, I don’t yet own my own home (hopefully next year though – for the home) and #manprobs. There’s just … so many of the things I expected to do and have at 30 are not in place just quite yet. On the flip side, there are times when I can make decisions to get things exactly where I want them and I chicken out. I then think, do I only want these things right now because I think this is what I should want? Should I settle (not necessarily relationship-wise but life wise) just to have the things I want faster? #thefeels. I’m hoping 30 is a good year though – I could use a good year – I’m aiming, praying and dreaming for a good year.

Blog – Sometimes I have big dreams for my blog and then I go missing for a week when work kicks me in the tush. I then wonder if those dreams are unrealistic since I barely have time now to spend time on my baby and most days I feel too drained to even think about writing a post. Also there’s the fact that I don’t post Pinterest worthy “blogging about blogging” or fashion posts. Still, a girl can dream. Maybe I’ll start small, once again posting at least 3 times a week. Gathering my ideas for posts and actually writing them – on a weekend – when I have more time. I guess we shall see.
I’m a big dreamer and I guess I always will be. There’s a common theme throughout this thread and that’s the fact that I dream a lot. I have big dreams and goals for life and quite often when I put my mind to achieving something … I don’t stop until I do. For example – I now work at the first firm I applied to out of law school because of persistence and sheer dang determination. I tutor two College courses and I manage to still have a pretty excellent social life … and like I mentioned, a complicated personal one AND still … I keep dreaming. I dream for that one day family, for the house that will turn into a home, for a good 30th year, for more travel, for a good blog and for my career to be ever growing and that’s basically where my head is at these days. I’m going to try to be it all and do it all because frankly, I know no other way. For the record – I think everyone should have big dreams for whatever they do and put effort into. My mum always told me Always aim for the A, if you fall short you’ll get a B … but if you aim for a B and fall short you’ll get a C – its what I do every day. 

So there you go – a pretty wordy life update that didn’t really say all that much and was kinda all over the place. If you are skimming – the synopsis is that life is good and I keep dreaming for it to get better – oh and next month I’ll be officially old. 

If you’ve read all of my rambles, you deserve a medal, or at the very least a thank you, for sticking around even when I suck at blogging because work is stressful, or when I don’t respond to comments on time. Thank you for still reading and listening to the rants of ‘lil ole me. 

Have a wonderful Monday!!!


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