Five ways I save money shopping online!

It’s Thursday guys … and Im excited for tomorrow!! Tomorrow for me will be a long day, but a good one. Tomorrow marks the end of the court term and my firm has a partners and associates luncheon! In the evening after all that good stuff, Ill then attend the law association’s Wine and Cheese … Both fun things; both good ways to start the weekend. But today, I decided to post something that’s been sitting in draft forever.

Let me start this with a huge disclaimer – I spend a lot of money on random stuff. There’s no two ways about that. Last week my sister was looking for something  online for my niece and nephew and in a group chat with my mum, she asked me to help her find it. I did …. in under a minute. Her words to me were “You are like flash with the internet shopping”. I am … I really am.

But thats not to say I don’t love a good deal! I thought I’d share my online shopping habits and the ways I try to save money spending online …

Online shopping tips

1. Blogger / Youtuber Tips – the best promotion is word of mouth and I cannot tell you how many deals and tips and sales I’ve found from online blogs and from Youtube that helped me save some money online. Never ever doubt the power of word of mouth. Shopping tips, Sales and Promotions, you name it – a blogger’s been talking about it. And YouTube is golden when it comes to pimping out deals. Every YouTuber is doing it!

2. Reward programs – There are so many reward programs where you can earn money from spending! You can visit Stephanie’s blog for a whole heap of info on Swagbucks. Unfortunately that is not open to non U.S. residents. No worries, there is one that’s open both to U.S. and International shoppers – Ebates! I have to thank Kristen for this one. She posted about Ebates some months back, I signed up and never ever looked back. Oh man I can’t believe it took me so long to find this gem. Essentially, you get cash back for things you purchase. Every day there are HUNDREDS of deals and coupons listed to all the very best stores. I have the app on my phone and I check it daily for deals. What’s better is that you can get your cash back payments directly to your card or through PayPal. No this isn’t sponsored (I wish), its just really that good!!  While its not sponsored – I do have a referral link. No pressure but you can sign up for Ebates using my link here, but if you do I will receive $25 – Just making sure you know that. It remains my favourite way to save money shopping online – whether you sign up using my link or not … check. it. out.

3. Coupon Codes – Sure you can use Ebates for coupon codes but there are other smaller stores and business on Etsy and otherwise that offer great coupon codes for their products. Check out Instagram and the sites for your favourite stores and boom – coupons. Also refer to #1 – bloggers  and YouTubers always give coupon codes.

4. Sale days!!! – Hello Prime day and Nordstrom sale and Forever 21 sale days and everywhere sale days … Shop on a sale day and half your problems are over! Or you give yourself more problems because you spend an absurd amount because … sale. Either way, at least you’d spend less that you would have spent right?

5. Social media – a lot of companies post sales on their social media accounts before anywhere else. I don’t stalk companies on social media but when I do get a glimpse of a good deal on Instagram, Twitter or FB (which I rarely use), you better believe I jump on it!

And that’s it!! I love shopping. So why not save while doing it?

What are some ways you save online shopping??

Have a great Thursday guys!!


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