Friday Favourites

Hi guys! It’s Friday!! Tomorrow is the glorious day I get to sleep late. I have no major plans for the weekend other than to sleep, read, write and relax … Maybe throw in a glass of wine or three and some sushi. That’s it!

I haven’t done my Friday faves in a while and it’s no secret that these are some of my fave posts to draft so here we go…

Friday Faves

Fave Purchase:

I own an iPhone 6, but my office bought me an iPhone 5 for client calls. The IT dept currently has it connecting it to our servers for contacts and email etc, but I did get a chance to see it yesterday and I realised it’s gold. Naturally, I immediately purchased a case for it. I have this case in pink for my iPhone 6 and love it so I got the gold iPhone 5 version for a steal (under $2) on Amazon. 

Found here

I also needed a new wallet and I purchased this trifold Nine West wallet, also on Amazon for a steal. I absolutely love it! 

Found here

Fave Recipe:

These chicken and broccoli grilled burritos look divine. I mean… its the simplest meals that make my day sometimes. I plan on making this next week!

Recipe here

Fave Quote:

Fave Funnies:

Why are angry funnies so funny! hehe:

I need my coffee …


Hands up if you know any girls/women who behave like this – because I do….

I laughed at an outrageously long time when a friend sent me this:


Fave Song:

Have a great weekend!!


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