Friday Favourites

I can’t believe its July already!! We’re closer to the next Christmas than we were to the last and to me thats just crazy! Also … next month is my birthday. The year is flying by. I was supposed to travel  this month but instead I’m at a brand new job and loving it. I’m going to try to whip up this post in no time since duty calls but I just had to check in today … even though most of you will be busy with 4th of July weekend things!

Friday Faves

Fave Moment

Hands down my favourite moment would be starting my new job. I love it!!! I love the people, I love the atmosphere, the location and I really really love my new office. It still needs some personal touches and yes I already have files piling up in there (after two days) but I really love my new office… Its huge and beautiful!

Fave Beauty

In this post I mentioned that I switched moisturizers to the L’oreal Age Perfect Moisturizer. I still like that one, but I now only use it at night. I was missing my favourite (not the norm) moiturizer and I’m so glad I got it back. It makes my skin smile. 

Fave Recipe

Still trying to keep my health game together and this salad makes me want to jump through the screen. Literally. So yummy.

Found here

Fave Funnies


Again yup…

I laughed an extraordinarily long time at this:


I would kill my future husband if he did this:

Have a great Friday guys …. 
Enjoy your 4th of July!!


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