Friday Favourites

Whoop Whoop, we made it!! It’s Friday. Today I have a work luncheon and a Wine and Cheese so its a celebrating and shmoozing kinda Friday. If I’m honest, I don’t have too many words for today’s post since this is the only post this week that I’m drafting the night before it goes up sooo … yeah. Let’s just go with those Faves…

Friday Favourites

Fave Quote:

if you live off a mans compliments

Fave Beauty Purchase:

I had stopped using this gem a while back, then last week I noticed that my mum was using it …. and I just had to pick it up. Holy fresh face! Love it and missed it. Do yourself a favour and get you this. I now use it in the night before bed!

neutrogena deep clean facial cleanser

Fave Recipe that I won’t be making:

Let me just put it out there. There is not a chance that I will be ever attempting to make this. Not a chance. I know my strengths and baking is not one of them. It sure is pretty though!!

chocolate cake

Found here

Fave Funnies:

Well played kiddo. Well played.

funny pics

Aint this the dang truth:

haha I love a good pun:

Favourite funny of lifeeeeeee

sunbathing picture

Book lovers – doesn’t this make you want to go ham in a bookstore?


Fave Song:
Because Reggae love songs are the best!

Have a great weekend everyone!!


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