Recipe: Eggs and Spinach Breakfast Tacos

Hi guys!! I decided not to post yesterday because while my weekend was great, it was no 4th of July!! Basically, I ate sushi, drank wine, shopped, went to church and relaxed. Boom!

Anyway, today I thought I’d share another concoction or “recipe” that I created in my head. Like I said the last time I posted a recipe, I whip up an idea in my head and then head to the kitchen. It’s really the only time i get inspired to “cook” since I rarely actually follow recipes. I’m sure its been done before since its simple and not a big creative idea AND since it only calls for like 2 ingredients, but I thought it was tasty so why not share it. Also … it legit takes 5 minutes to whip up. Win win for lazy cooks (like myself).

Eggs and Spinach Tacos

What you’ll need:

1 or 2 cups of baby Spinach

3 large eggs

1 tbsp olive oil

1 tsp of salt

A shake of black pepper

Parmesan cheese (I played this by air)

Taco Shells (I used hard gluten free corn tacos)


What you do:

In your pan add Olive oil and throw in your Spinach and Salt and black pepper:

Eggs and Spinach

It boils down to basically nada … but it sure does look pretty and green :D:

Eggs and Spinach

Add in your eggs. You may want to mix them first or you can do like I did and crack them in to scramble them right in the pan:

Eggs and Spinach

Go on and scramble those babies together with your parmesan cheese:

Eggs and Spinach Tacos

Add them to your taco shells and enjoy! thats it!!!

Eggs and Spinach Tacos

These were legit so yummy!! And fun fact: Though I labelled them breakfast tacos because yanno, eggs… the first time I made them, I made them at night. Breakfast at night for the win!!

I’m trying to get creative so I stick to some sort of healthy eating. So every now and again i’ll throw out a concoction of mine. Hope you guys done mind hehe.

Hope you try it!

Have a great Tuesday guys!!!


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