The Love/Hate Tag

Happy Monday guys! It was a quiet, restful weekend for me and so I thought I’d keep it simple today and do the Love Hate tag that literally everyone but me has done thus far. So here goes!!


Family – I’d be lost without them! Love my family. 

Sushi – If you’ve read this blog for any amount of time you would know that I love me some sushi. If I had the choice of a meal right now, it would probably be sushi!

Reading – I read myself to sleep every single night. It’s my therapy – Mind you, I suck at updating Goodreads, so please don’t let that be any indication of my reading status … I always forget *facepalm*

Writing – I still do write, a lot. Its also my therapy.

Running yoga or a great workout – Few things can beat the feeling of a good workout.

Friends – I rarely blast my friends on the blog but I have a core group of girls who make my heart smile. All of them!

Children – I really do hope I have kids in my lifetime because I adore kids.

Wine and scotch – My drinks of choice.

Animals – Mainly dogs, cats and birds, but really anything fuzzy and cuddly looking gives me the happies. 

Stationary – I’m  stationary girl. Always have been, always will be…

My blog – As much as I abandon her these days because life has been hectic – I really and truly do love this blog (and everyone who takes time out of their day to read it).


Chipped nails – My nails are either painted or bare because I cannot stand the sight of chipped nails, particularly chipped finger nails. On me … it doesn’t really bother me on anyone else.

People who mistreat people/kids/animals – Ugh!!!!! Don’t get me ranting on this!

My car being dirty – This is literally the funniest hate item on this list since 99.9% of the time my deep navy blue car looks like I railroaded it through a dusty mountain. But still … 

My scale – Technically we have a love/hate relationship – she’s like a terrible boyfriend. Sometimes I love her, most times I hate her. We’re better off broken up but I just can’t quit her.

Traffic – Lord put a hand for this one. Every day I spend well over an hour in traffic to and then back from work… Not too bad you say? Well it is because I work 20 minutes away from my apartment. And patience isn’t my best virtue. Ask anyone.

Being late – I am always early. 

Ironing clothes – When I own my own home (hopefully soon) my dream would be to hire someone whose sole role will be to iron my clothes. I’m not kidding. I can clean, I can wash dishes, I can cook. I suck at ironing crap. I don’t like it AT ALL. I wear suits daily for work and frankly if I never had to iron again, I’d be exponentially happier. 

Have a great Monday guys!!


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