7 Things I splurge on!

I know I always sound like a broken record when I say this, but really … how the heck is it already Wednesday. Seriously, I was just doing some major grumbling that it was Monday.

I was chillaxing with a neighbour of mine over the weekend and he told me I’m spoilt. Don’t worry I didn’t knock him out – he is a good friend of mine so I allowed him to live to tell that tale. To make a long story very short, he said that because in a conversation about my day, I mentioned to him I bought two shoes earlier in the day and the price of said shoes (he asked the price, I didn’t offer the info). My response? No I’m actually quite cheap but there are some things you should not skimp on.

And a post was born.

As they say in my country “Cheap thing not good and good thing not cheap”. And that is true for some things. While I might be cheap in most some aspects of life, and LOVE a good deal, I do think certain things demand (to me) a splurge in order to just be comfortable. I make zero apologies for splurging on the items below.

1. Shoes – Listen, I am 4’11”. I am severely vertically challenged and I need heels to look reasonably height-ed. heh! Top that off with the fact that my feet are a whopping size 5 and for good measure let’s throw in the fact that I wear heels every single weekday and you would understand that I need to splurge on shoes. I need comfortable heels that would last and that wouldn’t kill my tiny feetsies. So I splurge on shoes, particularly heels for work. Sandals and slippers – no.

2. Handbags – I’m a handbag whore. I really am. I’m becoming more so as I get more ummm … old. Also good well cared for handbags last forever so in my mind this is worth splurging on. 

3. Suits – I wear suits every day and some of my suits are very pricey. Very. But, they last forever and some of them, I’ve had for years and they still look as good as new.

4. Hair Products – The oils and treatments and other products I use in my hair can add up to be very expensive but its really to keep/get my hair strong so it can withstand the weight of my locs.

5. Beauty Products – All MAC everything. Nuff said. I don’t use a ton of makeup everyday, but what I do use, I want to last throughout the day with minimal touch up. 

6. Gym/running clothesTracy spoke about this in her post the other day and its so true! Could I have bought cheaper running shoes? yes. But my feet and legs and shins and everything else would have to pay for it.

7. My car – I won’t even tell you how much I paid for the shoes on my wheels. 18″ of pure heavenly copper. They are beautiful. I’m a car girl – there is NO disputing that. So i baby my car. When I finally get my dream car – coming sooner than later hopefully, it will be my baby. And just for kicks here’s a pic of one of my current baby’s shoes – yes there’s a filter but it really didn’t need it to look cute.

18 inch copper rims

* * * This is an add in – and I contemplated re-doing the whole post and image and everything just to add this in … but ain’t nobody got time for that. If there was a #8 though it would be bras. My bras cost more than my clothes… I’m a busty girl and I would not ever skimp on a bra.

What do you splurge on?


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