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Happy Monday guys. My weekend was good – I went for an after work drink on Friday and spent the weekend with my parents. My mum left for NYC, BOS and VA this morning for two weeks – a trip I was supposed to go on, so its kinda bummy, but I sure do hope she has a fantastic time. Love my mama!

I feel like I don’t talk about beauty stuff as much as I like, because lets face it – I aint no pro. I do love beauty stuff though. In my late teens and early 20’s, I wasn’t much into makeup and taking care of my skin. I never suffered with acne and had clear skin so I just never got into skin care. In my Mid 20’s though, I started to get minor breakouts here and there. Minor … but enough to get me off my big bum and take care of my skin. It’s been quite a few years now that I started being strict or at least better – because I do slip – with skin care. 

I thought I’d share my current morning and night cleansing routine. My routine changes regularly but this is my current routine:

facial cleansing routine

I should start with the fact that I don’t use too many products on my face. I just don’t like the feel of too many things on my skin – and I also always think it might be counterproductive to pack things on to your face in order to get clearer skin. But what do I know? Still, while I don’t use too many products on my face, I do use different products in the morning and the evening / night. Trial and error taught me that some products work best in the morning and some work better at night … I’ll explain.

Morning cleansing:

morning cleansing routine

Facial wash – This is the best morning cleanser I have ever used. For a while I was using the blue version, but recently I switched to this green version purely because its a “shine control” wash. And my oily face needs shine control. It seems to be working and I do love it – but Im also open to any suggestions on how I can control the oily skin finish that I constantly rock. 

Moisturizer – I use this as my moisturizer because it has gotten rid of the few dark spots that I had with my minor mid- 20’s acne. I swear by it and it genuinely works. Also it has SPF and in the Caribbean heat – this is an absolute must! Im going to address a taboo issue here and say this – everyone needs SPF … no matter the skin colour. I feel like I need to tell more umm pigmented folks like myself this, because for some reason darker skinned people believe only fair skin needs SPF. Nope, we all do.

Evening/Night Time cleansing

evening cleansing routine

Removal wipes – I use these right after work / gym when I get home to get the excess makeup off. Depending on the day, Ill cleanse immediately afterwards, but honestly sometimes I end up eating, showering and doing a whole bunch of evening things before the rest of the cleansing routine happens.

Face wash – When I’m ready to actually cleanse in the evening, I use this face wash. I’ve loved this face was for YEARS but stopped using it a while back. I recently picked it up after seeing my mama use it on her face (she always has had the best cleansing routines) and I’m once again hooked. It has my face so baby soft. I love this bad boy! I won’t use it in the morning because Ive become so accustomed to using my morning wash but its perfect for evening use.

Mousturizer – Let’s face it I’m almost 30 and I’d like to avoid a sagging face so I’m using an age defying moisturizer. I love it, however being prone to oily skin this particular moisturiser makes my face just a little oily after use and doesn’t stay well under makeup. That fact and the fact that it doesn’t have SPF means that I only use it at night – I’m open to try another night moisturizer even though o love the way this feels.

**** I drafted this post last week and since drafting this, I added this toner to my morning routine between the face wash and the moisturizer. So far, so good. 

So what do you use on your face daily??

Have a great Monday guys!!


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