The Cruel Summer Tag!

Happy Friday guys! We made it to the weekend – well once we get through today. Today I’m switching things up a bit and doing a tag. My friend – the lovely Kari, tagged me in the Cruel Summer tag. Now, lemme be honest with you guys, it was hilarious answering these questions. Hi-lar-ious. Because I live in the land of perpetual summer. Still, I answered them.

I do not apologize for the crazy answers. 


1. What’s the hottest temperature it’s ever reached where you live?

95 maybe. It never really gets to 100 here and so 95 is a very hot day. That said, lets be honest, its 80 to 95 degrees all year round. Yes even at Christmas. Honestly when it hits High 70’s it’s a cold day. #Caribbeanlife

2. Speaking of hot, how do you cool off in the summer heat?

What you mean like daily? We take two showers a day ha! But seriously, Water – swimming – the beach. Thank heavens we are surrounded by water.

3. Summer is one of the best times to read. Give us a summer book recommendation!

Ill shameless plug the Judy Blume “In the Unlikely Event” that we are reading for Book Club – Link up September 1st!!

4. What’s your favorite thing about to the summer where you live?

Its all year round so its always the perfect weather for booty shorts … Haha

5. What’s the #1 thing on your summer bucket list?

I’m legit cracking myself up answering these since I don’t have a “summer” – But I do want to go on a picnic. Christmas picnic anyone?

6. You’re going on a girl’s trip this weekend and you’ve rented a drop-top convertible. What’s the first song you blast?

First of all can I please have the convertible? Because Yaaaaas. Second, it would have to be something ratchet because drop-top calls for ratchet.

7. Summer is for glowing! What product do you use to get your bronze goddess on? 

I think I’m pretty bronze guys. Pretty. Bronze. *wide eyed emoji* But for the sake of answering, I can’t live without my MAC Studiofix.

8. What about lip products? Are you a lipstick, lipgloss or bar lips kind of girl?

Im a lipstick and lipgloss kinda gal. MAC Diva and some lip gloss and Im golden … or bronze – see above.

9. How about nail polish? What nail polish can you not get enough of during the summer?

Any hot pink. I probably own about 20 shades of pink nail polish. Theres only one problem – I cant wear pink to work. So I save it for the weekend!

10. This or that?

      Bonfire or swimming?: Swimming. Bonfire in heat? No thank you.

      Pool or beach?: Pool! I prefer to swim in pools, don’t ask.

      Ice-cream or popsicles?: Popsicles

      Bikini or a one piece?: One piece thank you. I bought this one the other day:

     Sporting event or music festival?: Both

     Maxis or sundresses?: Sundresses because they’re shorter, but I do love maxis.

11. Dream summer vacation on me! Where are you going?

Tough one since I live in a vacation spot – so my answer would be Europe because any excuse to go to Europe is a good excuse amiright?

12. Got any summer traditions? 

Living? Its summer all year round. Seriously though I tend to travel during the “summer” months. This year I have to work – boooooooo.

So I sucked big time at this tag because I have no summer, but heck, I had fun answering them. I love tags! I tag anyone who wants to answer this (and who actually has a summer). Tell me a good tag and Ill do another real soon!

Have a great weekend guys!


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