Family First

Family is everything quote

My mood in a photo …

Hey guys, so September decided to kick me in the butt and I’m just about ready for the month to end. After the Macbook saga I fully intended to blog every single day, but family comes first.

Last week, my dad spent two days in the hospital and my anxiety hit the roof. I couldn’t blog, answer emails, and barely could have functioned at work. If you know my story you know that early last year I lost my sister (kidney disease). Last week was like re-living a bit of that. So yeah … no bueno.

Thankfully, my dad is ok – he got a virus that affects your joints, your blood count etc. it appears he’ll be fine, though we did have a moment of worry. My anxiety though, well that will take a minute to get back down to zero. And when it does, I’ll respond to emails, be back on a commenting spree and my blog will have life again. Ha!

… And can we just write off September? Between my MacBook, and this – ugh. Anyway, my positivity and I will be back soon!

Have a great week guys!!


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