Things …

Hi Guys, I’ve been M.I.A. as it goes sometimes, except this time I had a reason or more than one reason. This post is rambly and probably does have a point or a punch line, but I showed up today and that to me is a success! 

Things object

** Remember in this post how I said that I think windows is the best invention ever? Well it’s a good thing I said that because the glass of coke that decided to jump on to my MacBook’s keyboard leaving it effectively defunct … means that I’m using my dad’s Toshiba. So yh, its probably a good thing that I’m cool with windows.

** Macbooks are expensive especially when not budgeted for…

** I might be a little very depressed about losing my MacBook – we’ll see if it can be saved. I’m trying to remember that its just an object and that there are way more important things in life to worry about.

** The above means I was mia for a bit. Forgiven now?

** In other news, work has been hectic, but really what’s new? I love it though so I’m not complaining just stating a fact really. 

** A new semester also started again so tutoring (the second job) is in full swing …

** I sound busy right? I am, yet in the last week I went out for drinks maybe three times. No MacBook apparently means more free time?

** This post was mostly drafted on my phone and I lay on my childhood bed staring at the ceiling because I’m at my parents house for the weekend (clearly this was supposed to be published yesterday ….)

** This point form excuse for a post is as good as it gets today.

Bear with me …

Have a great Tuesday guys!!!


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