The Weekend that was …

Hi Guys … and blog! It’s Monday already and I thought I’d jump in with a quick weekend recap since it was a chill weekend after a long week (with four court days, one of those days I had two big-ish hearings – which is a lot).

the weekend that was

After having to appear in court twice on Friday, with both court locations being 45 minutes apart and hurrying to draft a document before the end of the work day, I was beat. So naturally myself and some coworkers thought it was the perfect time to take a drink ….


On Saturday it was one of the attorneys in my department’s birthday and we headed to a restaurant for a delicious lunch.

Indian curry

P.S. can we talk about the portion sizes at expensive restaurants? Its seems the more you pay the less you get. Seriously people … I need more than one spoon of rice… It was tasty though!

On Sunday, I was honestly very moody and not much in the mood to do anything but scratch my bum. By evening I was a little better. I did some work, marked papers (I tutor) and then went for ice cream with my neighbours …

Belgian waffle

Clearly my diet and sugar / flourless-ness is on a break. 

And that folks was my weekend…

It was a hectic week, but my weekend was chill and filled with food. I think its time to admit though that my new job and work in general, while I love it, is taking up a whole lot more of my time than my last job. It is what it is. I’m not going anywhere, I’m not making any excuses, its simply a fact.

In other news, I have an awesome recipe for the blog that I hope to post this week! Also don’t forget that tomorrow is book club day and we review Throne of Glass!! Hope you guys join in!!

Have a great Monday guys!!!


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