I’ve been swamped at work with trials and working late and on weekends to get it all done. In the midst of that my poor blog took a back seat to life.

while I was away (and yes I am back – baby steps), I did do other things too – things I normally would have blogged about. Thought I’d share:

While I was gone

1. I went to a Junior Gong (Bob Marley’s son) concert 

I was in the VVIP area and it still felt so far away from the stage, because … short. It was a great concert!

Junior Gong concert

2. Went ‘DDI’ – down ‘d’ islands.

Off the coast of Trinidad are some islands and back in the day (a few years ago really) I spent most of my weekends on a boat. It was nice to spend a Saturday sailing again. Its beautiful! The photo I used above is from DDI as well.


3. Ate out with coworkers a lot

…. Because food and stress just go together. Ask the 10 pounds Ive gained in the last couple of months …

4. Had some drinks …

5. Officially graduated with my Masters …

6. Celebrated FOUR years of being an attorney


7. Bought my new favourite MAC lipstick

“Flat out Fabulous” – the name describes it PERFECTLY!

MAC flat out fabulous


Have a great Tuesday guys!!


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