Book Club January Book announcement!

Hi guys, How just how is it already December. I almost can’t believe that 2015 is almost over! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. It truly is one of those holidays I wish we had in the Caribbean. 

I’m still getting my feet wet and getting back into the blogging routine… but, its never to early to give some book club love. We are skipping doing an actual book for this month but we still need to announce the book for January…

… and the book may surprise some.

or all…

because it was written by a Kardashian *gasp*

Yup Kari, Kristen and I decided to go out on a limb and have the January book be a book written by a celeb. It’s good to switch things up a bit I think. While YA and trendy adult novels are all the rage, reading goes way beyond that.

So join us on the 5th January to give your reviews – good or bad – on “Strong looks better naked”. I honestly am excited for this review, not because of the author but I’m curious to see what everyone  (including myself) thinks about it!

Have a great Tuesday guys!!!


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