Around the Web: Vol. 1

I have a love/hate relationship with the internet. One of my favourite things to do, beside reading blogs of course, is just randomly browsing the web whenever I get the chance i.e before work, on an evening after work and even during my lunch hour. The hate part? Where the heck does the time go? I can literally spend hours just internet-ing (not a word). Naturally, I’ve decided to start documenting my favourite things from around the web. This probably wont be every week but I’ll try to keep up with it!

These posts may not be for everyone, and as Sunday posts go they may not get much attention. Honestly, who has time to click through all the thing I liked all week?! Still, I really think I’d enjoy looking back at the things I browsed or that caught my attention over the year.

So here goes …

around the web


twins and mom

Did anyone else see this awesome story floating around every website featuring a picture posted by a girl of her twin, her mum and herself. I still can’t get over how good her mum looks for 43!

Beyonce formation

Beyonce dropped a new video for her song “Formation” and the internet stopped for a moment … Watch it here.


These “18 hilarious tweets that perfectly sum up laziness” from Buzzfeed. Seriously. About 99% of them could be directly referring to me!
* This post about funniest wedding photos ever was from earlier this year but I only saw it this week.


NYC Crane accident

And the crane that fell in NYC – Tragic. Just Tragic.
Did anyone catch the news of the 6.4 magnitude earthquake in Taiwan? Well there are still almost 200 people unaccounted for.


I’m that Bravo enthusiast that follows Bravolebrities on Instagram. This week Luis Ortis from Million Dollar Listing New York posted a photo that (briefly) made me want to move to a temperate paradise and enjoy the beauty that is snow!

This is simply stunning:

I finally took the picture I wanted to get. Can’t believe I live here. This actually exists! #newyorkmoment #newyork #snow #beautifullife #life

A photo posted by Luis D. Ortiz (@luisdortiz) on

** It’s Carnival weekend here so I probably wont post until Tuesday or Wednesday. I’m not disappearing again.

Happy Sunday!!


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