Literary Ladies Book Review: Secret Sisters

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Secret Sisters Review

Jayne Ann Krentz

Ill be honest, I was iffy when I opened this, what with it being touted as a “Romantic Suspense”, but boy am I glad I did. What a GOOD read! I loved it!

Its not a difficult read by any means – I read it in little over a day while doing other things. Could the story have been fleshed out a little more? Probably. But I enjoyed it, it kept me intrigued. There actually was quite a bit of suspense, there was a good story, there was romance – it was good!

I like the development of the “Romantic” part of the novel too. It wasn’t forced and it was quite … believable. I recommend this one.

I rarely “google” the books I read until after … this time because I loved it so much, I went in search of the author and found this interview she did about the novel. Thought it was a good read!

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