What’s new with me?

These months are completely flying by!! Its the 4th of freaking February already!

Its my first week back on the blog in forever and I almost gave up on posting for the rest of the week. Almost. Why? Because Bronchitis sucks. Its sucks major lollipops – but more on that later. Sick or not though, I couldn’t miss the first edition of my girl Kristen‘s super cute linky party!

So what is new with me? Lots and “not lots” I guess. I figured since Kristen and Gretchen took the time to create such an awesome concept, I might as well take the opportunity to write a post rambling about what I’ve been up since I last disappeared. 

Naturally, in my time-off there was booze, but I think the more appropriate word for the title should have been “socializing“. 

I’ve spent a good many of my Friday evenings into weekends having drinks with my coworkers, wine with my mama, with OC and with friends. I’m not complaining though. Lets add to that the fact that its also Carnival season here (think Mardis Gras but better) … and it’s definitely been a boozy, socializing, partying kinda vibe around my neck of the woods.

Well, until I managed to come down with bronchitis…..

I took a (rare) day off from work yesterday to go to the doctors only to find out I have Bronchitis. Can someone please honestly answer me this: WHO GETS BRONCHITIS??? Me. That’s who. And now this is my life for the next 5-7 days:

So the story goes like this – I got the flu last month and have been hacking coughing ever since – well after the flu had gone. I was powering through like a champ until this week when I decided I was fed up of feeling like someone lit a blow torch to my throat while tickling it from the inside with a feather – constantly. (edit: I should add that I was also coughing up things that would make a baby get on bended knee) Long story short – I caved and went to the doctor… And the verdict is – bronchitis. Great.

And just like that – no booze for 5 days.

I continue to absolutely love my job and although I do work fairly long hours, I don’t at all dread it. I actually hope I have a long career at my current job. Fingers crossed.

So what have you guys been up to? and whats new with you??

Have a great Thursday guys!!


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