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Happy Thursday guys! I think this might be the first time that I missed an entire month on my blog. Did you miss me? No? You know what? I don’t blame you. I hate flaky people as well. It’s actually a pet peeve.

Anyway, in the event that you do have a minute to hear me out – here’s ‘whats new with me’ lately (categorized of course because #TypeA ):

The Kay Times

PS – No credit can be taken for this perfection of a photo. I paid for a shutterstock subscription a while back and got this stock photo on there… its to cute not to use!

1. Blog – I feel like my blog has become an apology fest and I hate that. I’d miss a month then get anxious about not posting, so I stall some more, then apologize and miss another month. A vicious cycle. Sorry guys. I truly don’t blame the unfollows  that I’ve gotten at all because frankly it’s annoying.

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So no apologies today, I’ll just say that life’s busy (in a good way) and I’m still here. Just less. I guess.

The funny thing is I have sooo many posts drafted, so many photos on my camera and so many things to say. I’m just life-ing and living right now and life is good. I just need to figure out a way to find time to share all of this goodness.

Anyway, in case you missed it, I posted a book review on Tuesday. And here’s a funny story. I actually thought I posted a confessions blog yesterday. It was drafted and scheduled … but this ole rusty blogger scheduled it for the wrong day. At least I wont have to draft one next week? #silverlining.

Also the blog turned 2 at the end of February … Happy belated Birthday?

2. Work – works been going great! For those who don’t know I’m a commercial litigation attorney. I still absolutely love my job though it keeps me busy as heck. It legit consumes my days and so I often work long hours. I’m actually rarely ever home before 6 pm and sometimes work weekends. Sounds stressful but because I like it, it’s not. I haven’t taken vacation yet but I’m eligible in July!

3. Travels – well I’m eligible in July as I said … OC and I have plans to go to Barbados in August, and after that I may go to Virginia with my mum!

4. Domesticating – I’ve become domestic. Or at least I’m trying. See, turns out my dude hates fast food and I’m also trying to lose weight. What that means is I try to cook a lot more than before, you know, after I get home from work late. What that also means is I may just take start taking pics of what I cook and posting more recipes. Lemons into lemonade over here.

Sidenote – I cooked the best rice I ever cooked in all my years of cooking rice on Tuesday. Gave myself a pat on the back too and did a jig …

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5. Weight Loss – guys … In the last few months I gained so much weight – too much. It’s so bad I can’t even take a selfie without cringing. My face looks like a chipmunk – storing nuts. My Instagram is now full of quotes becuause photos of myself are a no go haha. I’m trying to find the motivation to fix it though. Trying …  #ButCake

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Have a great Thursday guys!!!


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