Lately …

Well I’m a dummy! I thought my girl Kristen’s ‘what’s new with you’ linkup happened tomorrow instead of last Thursday – so I missed it. I planned to link up of course so although it’s confessions day, let’s just pretend it’s last Thursday 😉

That paragraph was a doozy … 

My point is – better late than never. Always great to have a ‘lately’ post right? I’m nosy so I love them! 

life lately

1. Parents anniversary – my parents celebrated their anniversary last week (on the 6th) and on Sunday we went to breakfast. It was yummy and amazing …

breakfast plate

2. I gotasked to be a bridesmaid in one of my bffs friends wedding. Next April 22nd is the day and I cant wait to stand up with my girl on that day!

asking your bridesmaid

3. My coffee obsession is getting stronger with age. I’m so serious … Two large cups of pure caffeine are the least I need to get through my day.

4. Kinda sorta almost completed a children’s book (on a whim). We’ll leave that there 😉

5. Still loving me some OC … and when he cooks for me – even though I think he’s low-key trying to get me fat(ter) with all these carbs, like this breakfast …

breakfast plate


Basically, I updated you on all the food I ate in the last month. Great.

That’s all for today. I’m off to read what everyone else is up to! 

Have a great Wednesday!!


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