Friday Favourites

I don’t typically wish weeks away. Life is way too short for that. Having said that, this is one week that I’m not too sad to see go away. It’s been a super busy and slightly stressful one and if I’m really honest, I’m just really ready for a vacation. I haven’t had a real vacation since I went to Australia in October 2014. That’s just too long.

Anyway, I haven’t done one of these posts in months. Literally. So I’m jumping in with some faves.

friday favourites

Fave moment (to come)

Next Wednesday OC and I are headed to Barbados and I cannot wait!!! We’re staying at the Coconut Court Beach hotel, a lovely hotel right on the beach. Heaven I tell ya. I plan on spending all 4 days like a beached whale – relaxing. Drinks in hand of course.

Fave Purchase

Yes. My favourite purchase(s) this week were two replacement cords for my phone. I always have four cords. One at work, one in the car and two at home (one for ipad). Two broke in the same week and I lost all sense of reality. What is life. They’re replaced and life can go on.

Fave Book

I was given this book by Netgalley for an honest review. I will give it a more in depth review in the next show us your books, but man this book was hilarious. Nice, easy read!

Fave Beauty

This isn’t new but I finally got around to using my ELF bronzer pallette. I still have to play around with it a bit but so far the verdict is – I like. a lot.

Fave Funnies

I’m the clumsiest person I know – I fell down five stairs last week #typical


So my assistant came into my office this week and found a pokemon. I was probably more disturbed that a little orange monster was in my office than I should have been. Maybe one day I’ll join the craze but for today:

Have a great Weekend guys!!!


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