The Perfect at home date night with Uncommon Goods

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If I’m honest, I’m rarely in the mood to get all the way dressed up just to go eat – it has to be a special occasion. I’m also particularly financially conscious these days, because, bills. And also because I do plan on buying a home at some point in the not too distant future.

That means ‘date night’ sometimes equals whatever is in the fridge and a movie or TV show. Again, being honest, more often than not its going to be a show because frankly shows are shorter  and #webetired #andold.

All that said, it doesn’t mean that date night at home can’t be a decent at-home date fest.

The way I see it, you don’t need a lot to be happy. After all, what should matter is being together right? With food? And of course wine.

Take for instance last week, my bf and I decided to have a date night at home and it couldn’t have been more simple or perfect. We ordered in some pizza, poured out our favourite wine and plopped down to look at Fresh Prince on Netflix.

It was perfect..

Pizza. Wine. Netflix. Done.

And to jazz things up even more, we used these fancy wooden wine glasses.

date night at home

Speaking of wooden wine glasses, I scored the perfect wooden wine glasses on Uncommon Goods. No lie, I’ve been basically obsessed with Uncommon goods for weeks.

Since purchasing these glasses (with store credit sent to me), I have purchased several other items on my own. See, apart from the fact that they have really unique things on the site, I like that the company partners with small business owners and focuses so heavily on the use of recycled, reclaimed and upcycled materials.

I also like that you can find basically anything on their site …. like yanno, wooden wine glasses. But seriously, you can find gifts for men, baby gifts, baby shower gifts, home items, art, jewelry, personalized gifts, gifts for women, kids – You name it, you can find it there. My birthday is in a few weeks and I already pointed OC in that direction – not kidding.

wine glasses

I’m pretty grateful that our simple, boring date night looked just a little fancier because of our wooden wine glasses. But seriously, they are so cute.

Whats your perfect at home date night?

** I received shop credit from Uncommon Goods. I chose the item I wanted and all opinions are my own.

Have a great Wednesday guys!!


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